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While raising blood calcium levels, PTH lowers blood phosphate levels by promoting urinary excretion of phosphate. Explain why this is important for achieving the purpose of PTH.

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Physiology: The Unity of Companies, 2003 Form and Function, Third Edition

234 Part Two Support and Movement

^ W Blood calcium m T concentration

Correction for hypercalcemia

Less bone _ resorption

More bone deposition "

Reduced ■ osteoclast ■ activity

Increased osteoblast activity

Calcitonin __*

^ A Blood calcium W concentration T

Correction for hypocalcemia

More bone resorption

Less bone deposition t

Prevention of " hydroxyapatite " formation

Conservation of calcium

Increased osteoclast activity

Reduced ■ osteoblast activity

More urinary phosphate excretion

_ Less urinary calcium excretion

Parathyroid hormone

Figure 7.16 Negative Feedback Loops in Calcium Homeostasis. (a) The correction of hypercalcemia by calcitonin. (b) The correction of hypocalcemia by parathyroid hormone.

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