Applications of Medical Imaging

The physical realization of the virtual data represented by the CT/MR scans has made a significant impact in several areas:

  • communication: doctor-patient and doctor-doctor;
  • visualization: diagnostic, treatment planning;
  • simulation: optimization, stereotactic guides;
  • prostheses: implants, plates, etc.

It can also be further used to generate STL or CLI files for RP processing to fabricate 3D physical RP models.

The physical model simplifies communication: both doctor-patient and doctor-doctor. The models are useful for diagnostics and treatment planning, particularly for complex surgical procedures. The accuracy and material properties of the model provide the basis for simulation and evaluation of alternative scenarios, so that optimization can be made prior to the actual surgery. The 'best form' results can be used as templates and for stereotactic feedback to guide the actual surgery. Also, the models can be used to develop accurate prostheses and surgical aids, in advance.

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