Since no two individuals are perfectly alike, a personalized approach in the medical field is a predictable evolution in treatment planning and surgery.

The above example, with the application of computer-simulated dental implant planning in SimplantĀ®, linked to customized guides (SurgiGuidesĀ®) for a smooth and watertight transfer to surgery, illustrates that this is a perfectly possible approach. In the application field of oral implantology, this approach is now state of the art. Constant improvements to the software and types of guide ensure that its use is beneficial even in the most recent and advanced developments in implantology. Moreover current developments in modern implantology are being made possible because of the application of dental planning software and accurate guiding systems.

With this application field as a model, a field where anatomical, functional and aesthetic considerations are extremely important, we can predict similar evolutions in other medical application fields.

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