Bone length (mm)

Figure 7.24 Distribution of PP lengths for individual fingers

Figure 7.25 PP lengths of individual finger bone specimens

From all these figures, the following statistical assertions can also be made:

  • The width distribution trends of the PP head as shown in Figures 7.26 and 7.27.
  • The middle finger PP bones tended to be the longest, followed by the ring, the index and then the little finger (see Figure 7.25).
  • The index and ring finger tended to have the same PP length, and the mean of the ring finger tended to have a larger length value than the index finger.

Similarly, as in the analysis of the parameters of PP bone length, the following statistical assertions hold true for the parameters of PP head width in the frontal plane:

  • The head widths of the PP ranged from 8 to 15 mm and the mean value is 11 mm.
  • The middle finger tended to have the widest head in the frontal plane (see Figure 7.28), followed by the index and ring fingers and lastly the little finger bones.
  • PP head widths of the index and ring fingers are much closer to each other, and the mean value of the index finger PP head is a little wider than that of the ring finger.

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