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The correlation coefficient between Wpph and Wmpb is the largest value among all the correlation coefficients, indicating that the dimensions of the contact surfaces of the PIPJ have a stronger relationship than the other dimensions.

Equations of best-fit lines between any two dimensions using the linear regression method are shown in Table 7.3. The R2 values and standard errors for each best-fit line are also calculated. The R2 value is the coefficient of determination, which is a measure of how good the fitted linear relation is. The R2 values range between 0 and 1. If the R2 value is close to 1, then the regression line is good. The STE is the standard error of the predicted value in the regression. The linear regression equations can be used to predict the sizes of prostheses required before surgery from X-rays. PP head geometrical features

The finger joint bearing surfaces are analysed in this section. As discussed previously, the requirement for the artificial finger joint geometry and the original finger joint geometry is 'the closer, the better'. We propose two effective methods to model and analyse the shapes from

Table 7.3 Linear regression for dimensions (mm)

Two dimensions

Linear relationship


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