This book contains a variety of chapters relating to the application of advanced manufacturing technology for medical applications. The first few chapters are from practitioners using RP in their work with patients, explaining the purpose of various tools as well as generally providing us with the benefit of their experience. These authors are true pioneers in this field and we are extremely lucky that they agreed to collaborate on this book.

It is probably true to say that none of the authors is very far from the applications, even those who are obviously describing ground-breaking research. It is vital these techniques they are developing are relevant to medical procedures. Otherwise, no matter how impressive they look, no surgeon would use them. All the researchers are therefore working very closely with medical practitioners to ensure their work is both convincing and beneficial. Later chapters are therefore still very careful to point out the benefits to the user.

This book does not just focus on RP. There are significant sections on the imaging or reverse engineering tools used to prepare and process the data as well as discussions on the post-processing requirements for medical models.

I hope you benefit from this book. If you have a medical background, I hope it inspires you to consider using these new technologies to provide better care for your patients. If you are an engineer or a researcher, I hope it provides you with an insight into the state of the art and guides you in your future research.

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