Bactec 9000 Mb

BACTEC 9000 MB is a fully automated, nonradiometric method developed by Becton Dickinson Co. This fluorescence-based system uses an oxygen-specific sensor to detect the mycobacterial growth (Flanagan, et al., 1999; Caws and Drobniewski, 2001). In every vial, there is a silicon rubber disk impregnated with a ruthenium metal complex as oxygen-specific sensor (van Griethuysen et al., 1996). Although this system is more rapid and less labor-intensive than solid media, it requires using a solid media, MYCO/F medium, a modified Middlebrook 7H9 broth to suppress the growth of contaminating microorganisms and can be supplemented with antibiotics. The lower risk of cross-contamination and data management has greatly facilitated its use (Pfyffer et al., 1997a).

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