MB/BacT is a continuously monitored nonradiometric system, developed by Organon Teknika Company, Marcy L'Etoile, France, which contains a computerized database management system. It uses a gas-permeable sensor embedded in a colorimetric indicator at the bottom of culture vials. Carbon dioxide released by growing mycobacteria is detected by sensor (Piersimoni et al., 2001). Every sensor in the bottom of the culture vial changes from dark-green to yellow depending on the CO2 concentration. Every incubating drawer in the instrument is monitored by a reflometric detection unit (Brunello and Fontana, 2000). Calculated values are transmitted into a computer in every 10 min, and mycobacterial growth is indicated based on a predetermined algorithm (Rohner et al., 1997). In previous studies, it was shown that this radiometric system is an automated, sensitive, rapid method and requires less labor for detection of TB in clinical specimens. It serves as a good alternative to radiometric systems and solid media (Benjamin et al., 1998; Alcaide et al., 2000; Piersimoni et al., 2001; Mirovic and Lepsanovic, 2002).

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