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Chinese Secrets To Sarcoidosis Healing

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Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook Summary

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Isoelectric Focusing of the CSF

Humoral Immune Response in Chronic Inflammatory Processes. The specificity of the diagnostically relevant intrathecal antibodies depends on the underlying cause of the disorder. In the case of chronic infective processes, the antibodies are exclusively targeted against the causative organism (F5). Increased IgG levels are found in about 30 of patients with chronic meningitis or encephalitis from various causes, such as bacteria, virus and protozoa, and in diseases like polyradiculitis, sarcoidosis, and chronic myelopathy (L1).

Causes Of Bronchial Asthma Allergic Asthma

Develop IgG-class antibodies and cellular immunity to Aspergillus antigens (3) a fungus ball or aspergilloma, which is a saprophytic colonization of a pre-existing cavity (as in old tuberculosis or sarcoidosis) (4) invasive aspergillosis, which is an overwhelming diffuse pneumonia in reaction to Aspergillus in an immunocompromised host and (5) ABPA, which is a subacute inflammatory reaction elicited by both IgE- and IgG-mediated immune responses directed at Aspergillus species growing in the respiratory track. The precise incidence of ABPA in the United States is not known, but although the disease is not rare, it is seen uncommonly. Diagnostic criteria for ABPA have been established and are summarized in Table 5.

LOH in Benign Diseases

LOH in Sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis is a multisystem disease characterized by the formation of noncaseating granulomatous lesions in affected organs, especially the lungs. These lesions can progress to cause fibrosis and, similar to IPF, lead to a higher incidence of lung cancer. 1 26 Studies of LOH have identified targeted loci on 9p, 9q, and 17q.129,130 The genes targeted by LOH were within or proximal to DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes and genes associated with lymphocyte activation. This pattern is somewhat distinct from lung cancer or IPF and may reflect the absence of linkage with exposure to tobacco smoke.129

Rhinitis Associated With Systemic Diseases or Anatomical Defects

Sarcoidoisis Wegener's granulomatosis Churg Strauss vasculitis Sarcoidosis Wegener's granulomoatosis may present initially with upper airway complaints, particularly hearing loss, intractable sinusitis, and persistent nasal congestion associated with purulent or bloody nasal discharge. Sarcoidosis of the nasal airway may appear similarly, although not usually as necrotizing. Persistent sinusitis or recurring infectious complications should prompt consideration of cystic fibrosis, partially cleft or submucosal cleft palate, humoral immunodeficiency, or ciliary dysfunction. Table 7 lists potentially useful tests to discriminate among the systemic possibilities.

Atrophic Rhinitis

Some subjects with atrophic rhinitis report nasal congestion, crusting of the nasal airway, and a bad smell (ozena). Ozena is associated with bacterial overgrowth of the mucosa, particularly Klebseilla ozaenae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The appearance of ozena may resemble chronic granulomatous disease, such as Wegener's granulomatosis or sarcoidosis, or the effects of previous local irradiation. The prevalence of ozena is variable, with a greater occurrence in select geographic areas, such as southeastern Europe, China, Egypt, or India rather than northern Europe or the United States.

Role in inflammation

Elevated CSF-1 or FMS expression, together with increased macrophage numbers, has been associated with coronary artery disease 38 , inflammatory bowel diseases 39 , sarcoidosis 40 , and obesity 41 . CSF-1 deficiency conferred resistance to diet-induced atherogenesis in mice 42 . Anti-CSF-1 or CSF-1 deficiency reduced dextran sodium


Demopoulos K, Arvanitis DA, Vassilakis DA, Siafakas NM, Spandidos DA. Genomic instability on hMSH2, hMLH1, CD48 and IRF4 loci in pulmonary sarcoidosis . Int J Biol Markers. 2002 17 224-230. 130. Vassilakis DA, Sourvinos G , Pantelidis P, Spandidos DA, Siafakas NM , Bouros D . Extended genetic alterations in a patient with pulmonary sarcoidosis, a benign disease. Sarcoidosis Vasc Diffuse Lung Dis. 2001 18 307-310.


Tetracyclines, especially doxycycline and minocycline are highly anti-inflammatory in many cell systems (Table 1). Neutrophil and monocyte chemotaxis is inhibited through calcium chelation, blunting the migration of cells to the follicle (13). Granuloma formation in vitro (14) and in vivo (15) is inhibited with minocycline and doxycycline roughly 10-fold more active than tetracycline. In this model, macrolides and cephalosporines were inactive. Protein kinase C is inhibited (15), perhaps interfering with signal transduction. Generation of reactive oxygen species and the oxidative burst in neutrophils is decreased (16). Nitric oxide production is modulated (17). Matrix metalloprotease and collagenase activity is inhibited (18-20). In vivo, tetracyclines have been demonstrated to be highly active in treating purely inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, bullous pem-phigoid, and sarcoidosis (21). Nonantibiotic derivatives of doxycycline have been recently developed that...