More recently, Sebutape (Cuderm Corporation, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.) has been introduced for assessment of pore patterns and sebum secretion (22,23). This adsor-bant polymeric tape is white but turns transparent at the points where sebum is adsorbed. This tape is used after clearing sebum from the surface, but not depletion of the follicular reservoir, although there is no fundamental reason why this could notbe done. Typically, the Sebutape is removed from the forehead after three hours, although it has been suggested that one hour would be adequate (24), and placed on a black background. The pore pattern then appears as black dots on a white background, and the total black area determined by image analysis is proportional to the amount of sebum secreted (25). One can qualitatively assign the pore pattern to one of five categories, referring to images provided by the manufacturer: prepubertal, pubertal, acne, mature, or senescent (26). It is also possible to extract lipids from the Sebutape and to analyze them by thin-layer chromatography (23).

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