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Sexual Feelings and Relationships

I don't know what's the matter with me. My brain is always stuck on thinking about sex and it gets me into trouble. Maybe it's because I hit puberty earlier than most of the other guys in my grade. I'm always horny in school and then I'm thinking about Will I jerk off when I get home or will I be able to resist it Some days I can resist, but usually I have to do it as soon as I get home from school. Then I take a nap. At night I try to do my homework, but usually I go on line to IM with my friends and then I spend an hour or two surfing the porn sites and getting myself off again. Afterwards I feel stupid for being so messed up and then I just don't feel like doing any homework, so I just listen to some music and go to sleep. Many adolescents (and adults) struggle with sexual preoccupations and with feelings of guilt over their actual or imagined sexual activities, but those with ADD syndrome often report much more difficulty in managing these thoughts and emotions than do most of...

Nurse Practitioner Chelsea and Westminster

Cindy qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1987. Following qualification she worked as a staff nurse in acute medicine for two years and then from 1989 to 1996 worked as a staff nurse in Accident and Emergency. In 1996 Cindy moved into Sexual Health nursing, and in 1999 became a Nurse Practitioner at The West London Centre for Sexual Health. In 2000 she undertook the MSc in Nursing and Midwifery (Advanced Nurse Practitioner pathway) and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in 2003. Cindy also took the role of Charge Nurse at the West London for a year in 2001. Since working in Sexual Health Cindy has been involved in several projects, including being the Lead Nurse for an Outreach Clinic for vaccinations and syphilis screening for men who sell sex, and also setting up a clinic for women who have sex with women. She takes an active role in staff development and facilitates teaching and assessing in advanced asymptomatic screening and sexual history-taking. At present Cindy is an...

Implications and Policy Recommendations

This chapter has briefly described the key determinants of the rates of emergence and transmission of HIV drug resistance, with a particular emphasis on resource-constrained settings. While emergence of resistance within a treated patient seems virtually inevitable at some point, it can be delayed, and its transmission should be prevented. Maximizing adherence and the effectiveness of safe sex counseling, minimizing interruption to drug supplies, and addressing financial barriers to drug procurement at the individual as well as the national level are all crucial. To date, adherence has generally been reported to be high in developing countries. However, many ART programs in the developing world are in their infancy and there is no room for complacency - counseling programs are crucial in order to keep adherence rates as high as possible, for as long as possible.

Why Has The Person Come For A Checkup

Your initial questions should identify why the person has come for a check-up. Be aware that there may be a subtext to their visit careful listening will help you identify if there are other concerns (Law & McCoriston, 1996 Presswell & Barton, 2000). These may include sexual dysfunction therefore follow up throwaway lines or ambiguity - 'So does this cause impotence ' Your response may be 'Is impotence or problems with having sex worrying you '

Potential Therapeutic Applications

The patent literature claims a number of other therapeutic applications for CB1 antagonists ranging from migraine to cancer, although they are not all supported by robust biological data. The use of CB1 antagonists for the treatment of sexual behavior dysfunction was recently claimed based on data showing a stimulatory effect of rimonabant on the sexual performance of naive rats 109 . Another patent application claimed the use of CB1 and CB2 inverse agonists and antagonists for the treatment of bone disorders such as osteoporosis 110 . This claim was based on biological data showing that the CB1 antagonist AM251 (2) potently inhibited osteoclast survival in vitro, and was also effective in vivo, in reversing the ovariectomy-induced bone loss in mice.

Recent Sexual History

'When did you last have sexual contact with someone ' (Describe briefly, for example the week as x 52, the month as x 12 this helps you ascertain the incubation periods for infections as well as the window period for HIV and hepatitis.) 'Was this person male or female ' This will guide your questioning and assist you in the risk assessment. Please remember that if the client is female and having sex with another woman this doesn't necessarily mean that they are not at risk that other woman may have had male relationships in the past and may have acquired chlamydia, genital warts or HIV. The use of shared sex toys may also be a risk factor. 'When did you last have sexual contact with someone different ' (Repeat as above.) Be aware that some clients will have more than one regular partner. This can be a cultural issue for example some people will have a person who has borne their child that is their baby mother, but she may not be the only regular sexual partner. This is important in...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you have any reason to believe that you have been exposed to an STD, consult your physician without delay. Many STDs are highly contagious, and if you have sexual contact with someone who has an STD, you have a high risk of becoming infected. While having multiple sexual partners increases your risk of contracting an STD, even a person in a monogamous relationship can be at risk, since one partner might be harboring an infection acquired years earlier. Note that the term is safer sex rather than safe sex because abstinence is the only guarantee against STDs. To help prevent the transmission of an STD, follow these precautions every time you have sex Use a latex condom (see page 197) each and every time you have sex, including anal and oral sex. Never reuse a condom. Don't have sex with a stranger. Avoid having sex with multiple partners. Monogamy with an uninfected partner who is monogamous virtually nullifies the chances that you will contract an infection. Don't have sex if you...

Trichomonas vaginalis

A red appearance of the cervix is not necessarily pathological, but may be due to the outward movement of the transformation zone under the influence of high circulating levels of oestrogen, particularly in young women or those taking the combined oral contraceptive pill. The soft, mucus-producing columnar cells that usually line the endocervical canal are seen on the outside of the cervix this is known as 'ectopy' or 'an ectropian', and is a normal physiological variation. For some women, however, it may be associated with increased physiological discharge or with contact bleeding (for example, after sex). Information should be given, which may provide reassurance however, the discharge may be particularly heavy and problematic for some women (for example requiring frequent changes of sanitary protection). Although a normal variation, symptoms can sometimes be improved through treatment with cold coagulation, which (paradoxically) uses heat to the cervix to destroy the cells...

Taking Responsibility for Birth Control

Couples have attempted to control conception throughout the centuries using a variety of techniques, such as eating special herbs, performing religious rituals, or timing sexual intercourse with different phases of the moon. But safe and effective methods of contraception have been available only since 1930. you still should have a clear understanding of the female reproductive system and the menstrual cycle. Such knowledge not only increases the chances of success with the method you choose but also can enhance your sexual satisfaction. The method you choose will not be effective unless it is used correctly and consistently. Both partners need to share responsibility for birth control.

Incest and Child Sexual Abuse

Young women who become pregnant as a result of incest are in a special category when it comes to emotions. It is important to remember that these young women have learned that the person who is responsible for their nurturance, love, and care also will take advantage of them through manipulation, fear, coercion, and maybe even physical abuse that accompanies the sexual abuse. Most of these girls understand that the sexual relationship with the incest perpetrator is dangerous and must be kept secret. They rarely discuss the sexual abuse with anyone, which is part of the accommodation pattern. This may affect their ability to form close personal friendships with other girls their age. It also makes it very difficult for the girl to report a pregnancy, partly because she may not realize that she is pregnant, especially if she hadn't yet begun to menstruate, or because she is afraid to trust anyone with her secret, fearing the disastrous consequences she has been warned about.

Does Viagra help with impotence in MS

The physical problem of erectile dysfunction is now openly discussed and is recognized commonly in otherwise healthy men. This change in the public attitude has helped men with MS accept this aspect of sexual function when it occurs and embrace the use of one of the approved drugs for erectile dysfunction. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis appear to be at least as useful in men with MS as they are in otherwise normal men. Some studies have suggested that these drugs may also Orgasm be helpful in women having difficulty achieving an Sexual climax. orgasm. In any case, these medications should be used Physical limitations affect men more than women in the sex act. The female partner can often compensate for movement difficulties if they limit sexual performance in men. A willingness to experiment is healthy.

Achieving Sexual Health The Role Of Health And Social Care Professionals

It can be seen from the above discussion that helping people to achieve sexual health is a vital part of the role of health professionals, but at the same time an extremely challenging one. Health professionals need a range of knowledge and skills to be able to engage with individual clients and groups in the promotion of sexual health. Probably the most crucial is the ability to deal with sensitive, confidential and personal issues and to be able to discuss aspects of clients' lifestyle and behaviours that are not usually shared outside a close sexual relationship. It is important that health professionals involved in sexual health promotion have a broad understanding of the theory and practice of health promotion and the current emphasis being placed on this by the current public health policy agenda.

Approaches To Health Promotion

A further limitation of approaches focusing on the individual is the tendency to concentrate on 'medical' models of health promotion such as sexual health screening or preventive treatment. Imrie et al. (2005) argue for a more positive approach to health promotion for men who have sex with men than purely concentrating on clinic-based sexual health interventions such as sexual health screening and the treatment of sexually transmitted disease. They point to the fact that many men who have sex with men and who have HIV have a higher prevalence of concurrent psychosocial health problems, including recreational drug use and early childhood sexual abuse, and argue that little has been done to develop and evaluate interventions that address wider behavioural and lifestyle issues. Alternative approaches, such as sexual health promotion informed by psy-chosexual counselling models while still focusing on the individual, offer a more positive approach, though they do require more time from...

Are there any medications that I should adjust or stop taking while Im being treated for osteoporosis

That has been used for years to manufacture estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Because DHEA is a precursor of testosterone, sometimes high dosages of it cause male characteristic side effects such as facial hair and acne, although doses around 50 mg or less do not appear to cause these side effects. DHEA has been touted as an anti-aging miracle drug. Its claimed effects include increased energy and better sex drive. Although DHEA is available over the counter, you must discuss its pros and cons with your clinician before trying it. The dosage of DHEA being used in clinical trials is about 150 mg to 200 mg per day. A clinical trial looking at DHEA's effect on Crohn's disease is also being conducted.

Developmental Effects Physical Activity and Diet

Lower lung function and increased risk of death from obstructive airways disease as adults was increased in those exposed to famine in early and mid-gestation, but not in late gestation (49). Interestingly, in follow-up studies, the prevalence of obesity was higher in 19-yr-old men exposed to famine during early to mid-gestation (50), and maternal malnutrition during early gestation was associated with higher BMI and waist circumference in 50-yr-old women but not in men (51). Pembrey et al. (52) described in a recent study that food and tobacco consumption may have sex-specific, male line transgenerational effects on health and that these transmissions are mediated by the sex chromosomes, X and Y.

Body Level Grids for Chapter

''Oh, boy You mean I get to learn about sex '' Well, if your Mom and Dad approve, I think it'll be okay You know, it's important for young people to know accurate information about their genitals (sex organs), rather than learning about it from their giggling and snickering friends So, away we go

Epidemiology of MRSA Trends Relevant to Surgical Patients

Although CA-MRSA infections have been more common among population groups such as young children, native American, and Pacific Islander communities, prisoners, military personnel, men who have sex with men, intravenous drug users, and individuals involved in competitive sports, spread within the general community is likely occurring simultaneously in several places in the world. These new strains jeopardize the well-established strategies to control nosocomial MRSA in countries with low prevalence, like Finland, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Denmark, for instance, experienced a marked increase in MRSA since 2004 due to the epidemic spread of CA-MRSA (Faria et al. 2005).

Std Sex Colleges Girling

Sexually Transmitted Infections 80 244-6 BASHH (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) (2001) National Guideline on the Management of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. http guidelines 2002 candida BASHH (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) (2002) National Guideline for the Management of Bacterial Vaginosis. http guidelines 2002 bv BASHH (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) (2005) United Kingdom National Guideline for the Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (author Jonathan Ross) Berger BJ, Kolton S, Zenilman JM, Cummins MC, Feldman J, McCormack WM (1995) Bacterial vaginosis in Lesbians a sexually transmitted disease. Clinical Infectious Diseases 21(6) 1402-5 Bevan CD, Johal BJ, Mumtaz G, Ridgway GL, Siddle NC (1995) Clinical, laparoscopic and microbiological findings in acute salpingitis report on a United Kingdom cohort. British Journal of Obstricians and Gynaecologists 102 407-14 DH (Department of...

Sexual Desire and Aging

Several factors play a role in determining whether an older person is sexually active, including the biological processes associated with normal aging, the desire to engage in some form of sexual activity, and availability of a suitable partner and privacy for sexual expression. Among men, some sexual problems may increase with age, but not necessarily because of aging. The incidence of erectile dysfunction increases for men over 40 and escalates with each decade. The intensity of sexual sensation among men over 40 may be reduced, as may be the speed of erection and the force of ejaculation. Compared with younger men, middle-aged men (45 to 50 years old) are more likely to experience orgasm in one stage, involving a shorter orgasmic period and a rapid shrinking of the erection after ejaculation. The amount of time before another erection can be achieved usually increases, as does the amount of time an erection can be maintained. Many healthy older men maintain their production of...

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The woman at 'Caring' Pregnancy Center did not inform me about my legal rights to birth control, abortion. . . . She did not tell me how to protect myself against a deadly STD or a future pregnancy. She did not care whether I was raped, or if I had sex recently enough to use the emergency contraceptive. . . . 'Caring' Pregnancy Centers will only continue to hurt women like me and this makes me angry. And I agree that something must be done.

Are there treatments for loss of genital sensation

A loss of sensation in the genital area can pose problems for both men and women with MS. Fortunately, such a loss of sensation in most patients is usually temporary. In men, the use of Viagra and the other drugs in this group can, in part, overcome erectile dysfunction related to decreased sensation in some cases. Temporary or not, for many women, the use of vibrators can overcome the inability to achieve orgasm. Eros is a specially designed commercially available device to enhance clitoral engorgement and provide stimulation for women who require it. It is important that women consult physicians who are knowledgeable in this area. Generally, gynecologists and sex therapists are better informed than most physicians. blood flow to the female sexual organ, the clitoris, is associated with sexual excitement and results in clitoral enlargement (engorgement), and ultimately improves arousal and orgasm (sexual climax) in women. Gynecologists physicians who specialize in diseases that...

Questioning Styles

There is debate about the use of colloquial language, mirroring the language of the client. The interview is an opportunity for education as well as problemsolving, and the author believes that as a professional you need to assist the interviewee to tell you their story. 'When you say screwing her, do you mean your penis in her vagina ' The use of this style may assist the person in future visits with your service, as they may pick up the terms you have used to describe how they have sex with their partner (Clutterbuck, 2004 Green, 1999 Law & McCoriston, 1996). If you have not had the opportunity to learn about sexual practices before, familiarise yourself now with all the things people can do in enjoying a full sex life, as well as the language that is used to describe each of them. Here are a few examples


Suzanne, a 19-year-old college freshman, found herself pregnant after her first sexual experience with the 19-year-old man she was dating at that time. She was unsure of her feelings for this man, as they had only been dating a short time when they decided to have consensual sex. Although he used a condom, it slipped off while he was withdrawing his penis from her vagina. Suzanne was upset she had been told by her friends to make the man use a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV transmission. She did not realize that condoms could fail to protect her from becoming pregnant. By the time she found out she was pregnant, she and the man were no longer dating each other. After looking at all her options, Suzanne decided to have an abortion.


Cathy, a 15-year-old high school freshman, became pregnant after having sex with Steve, her boyfriend of 2 years. Cathy's parents were very strict and if things didn't go the way her father expected, he would yell, scream, hit, and eventually beat up her mother. Only Steve knew how difficult Cathy's home life situation was for her. She never invited girlfriends to her home so they were never exposed to Cathy's father's violence. Both Cathy and Steve decided that they were too young and unable to care for a baby at this time of their lives. Therefore, they decided to abort the pregnancy. When they went to the abortion clinic together, they had to walk through a gauntlet of protestors, screaming at them and taunting them with their signs that had pictures of fetuses at different stages of development.

Female circumcision

Although illegal in the United Kingdom, female circumcision (also known as female genital mutilation) is still practised within some cultures. This involves deliberate physical damage to the architecture of the vulva of the adolescent or young woman. It is usually carried out by older women within the same culture. The procedure may be carried out with or without anaesthesia however, with anaesthesia the extent of the circumcision can be even more radical. Ill consequences to health include menstrual problems, recurrent urinary tract infections, pain and difficulties having sex, reduced sexual pleasure (from partial or complete removal of the clitoris) and obstructed labour Sensitivity in dealing with this complex issue is vital. Other young women in the same family or social network may be at future risk, and there may be an opportunity for intervention to prevent this.

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis can be indicated if there is a grey white thin, homogeneous discharge with a pungent, unpleasant 'fishy' odour. There may be a minimal amount of discharge coating the vaginal walls or copious amounts, which may be present on the vulva prior to examination or pour into the speculum on insertion. BV is not usually associated with vaginitis however, there may be some physical irritation (such as itching) from the presence of the discharge. The discharge and associated odour can be particularly unpleasant and impact on self-esteem and relationships. The aetiology of BV is uncertain, but it is not considered to be a sexually transmitted infection, and there is little no benefit in treating sexual partners. Over-zealous hygiene (including more than daily washing and washing inside the vagina), bathing in antiseptic solutions, bubble baths and washing the genital area with perfumed soaps and shower gels appear to exacerbate the problem. The infection is associated with an...

Tropical Ulcers

LGV is caused by one of the serovars (L1, L2 or L3) of Chlamydia trachomatis. The primary skin lesion may well go unnoticed, and is described as a painless papule, pustule or erosion. These organisms are lymphotropic and, in the secondary phase, the main symptoms of LGV are associated with the lymph nodes. The most common sign is tender inguinal and or femoral lym-phadenopathy. Buboes may form and there may be chronic ulceration and fistula formation. Acute haemorrhagic proctitis may also occur. Since 2003 a series of outbreaks of LGV have been reported in European cities (HPA, 2005). These have been among men who have sex with men (MSM), and most cases present with proctitis.

Sex and death

One of the most important points about sex is that it allows more complex organisms to flourish it increases the redundancy of the genome and thereby stabilises it. The more complex the organism, the bigger the genome. The bigger the genome, the higher the risk of fatal damage to the DNA between one generation and the next. The faster the accumulation of DNA damage, the faster the extinction of the species. It is because sex insures against mutational damage that it allows complex organisms to survive. There is a theoretical limit, beyond which any further increase of complexity would over-stretch the DNA repair machinery, but perhaps only organisms as complex as ourselves approach that limit.

Hiv Risk Assessment

Cal Nurse Specialists to carry out the HIV pre-test discussion. Different criteria may apply regarding referrals to these professionals these often depend on patients' risk behaviour and ethnicity. Patients who may be referred include men who have sex with men, intravenous drug users, and people from sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, in addition to people who have sex with people from these groups. In some clinics the person taking the sexual history and assessing symptoms will do the pre-test counselling, and these people tend to be the Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Health Practitioners or Health Advisers. All these groups should receive training and support about how to conduct appropriate pre- and post-test discussions.

Groin And Pubic Area

Ideally the penis should be examined prior to the client voiding urine, as this will reveal any apparent discharge. At this point the nurse can observe the penis for any abnormal curvature, such as those seen in Peyronie's Disease (Swartz, 2002). This is where internal scarring of the corpora cavernosa causes the penis to bend sharply up, down or to the side. Men with Peyronie's may experience pain during sexual intercourse, and, if the condition persists, they may eventually notice shortening of the penis, both of which can be distressing for the patients (Gholami and Lue, 2001). The exact cause of Peyronie's disease is uncertain, but it is probably caused by minor trauma to the penis, which leads to hardening of the tissue (fibrosis) of the tunica albuginea layer that surrounds the corpora cavernosa. The penis will bend in the direction of the fibrous scar tissue, so that if there is hardening on the right side of the penis then the penis will bend sharply right. Usually if the...

Rectal pain

Incontinence can occur in the presence of a normal sphincter if there is severe diarrhoea. Consultation is needed to assess recent travel abroad, recent diet or change in sexual partner and current sexual practices. The clinician should obtain a stool sample for microscopy and culture. Blood tests for Hepatitis A, B, and C should he undertaken (BASHH, 2005a), but these tests usually do not have an early detection rate, so there should be referral to a senior doctor or an infectious diseases unit if there are other hepatic symptoms and or hepatitis is suspected. Usually, however, diarrhoea is due to poor sphincter Patients may complain of severe pain during defecation, sometimes associated with bright red rectal bleeding. Fissures can be easily diagnosed by examination however, all fissures in men who have sex with men should be screened for LGV, dark ground microscopy on three samples is recommended and syphilis serology.


Sis of MS when certain MRI abnormalities are present. Clitoral engorgement Blood flow to the female sexual organ, the clitoris, is associated with sexual excitement and results in clitoral enlargement (engorgement), and ultimately improves arousal and orgasm (sexual climax) in women Erectile dysfunction The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines erectile dysfunction as the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word impotence may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduction, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation or orgasm. Using the term erectile dysfunction makes it clear that those other problems are not involved. Optic neuritis (retrobulbar neuritis) An inflammation of the optic nerve with pain and variable loss of vision. Most patients will eventually be diagnosed as having MS. Orgasm Sexual climax.

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