Nurse Practitioner in Genitourinary Medicine Barts and the London NHS Trust

Ravi qualified as a nurse in 1997 and spent the first four years of his career in various jobs within medical and surgical nursing. He started GUM nursing in 2001 and has spent the past two and a half years working as a Nurse Practitioner, firstly at St Mary's Hospital London and currently at Bart's and The London NHS Trust. Within GUM nursing he also worked as a Clinical Facilitator / Charge Nurse where he was responsible for staff training and development.

Ravi has recently completed an MSc in Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV at University College London, and is currently undertaking the nurse prescribing course. He has already completed several ENB courses, including Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice, and has been delivering lectures on Thames Valley University's sexual health courses. Ravi was central in the development of GUM services for HIV-positive patients at St Mary's Hospital London, and is currently developing nurse-led services within his current post.

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