Serum CA125 testing

It has been concluded that CA-125 has a limited value as a screening test as well as a diagnostic test. It may, however, serve as a useful marker for monitoring the effect of treatment following diagnosis. The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (RCOG, 2000) highlight the fact that its use to date has not been evaluated systematically.

MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF ENDOMETRIOSIS AND PAIN Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

These inhibit prostaglandin synthesis and are beneficial for dysmenorrhoea. The aim of medical treatment is to induce atrophy in the ectopic endometrial tissue with the use of hormones. However, the drugs used come with some significant side-effects that limit their long-term use and often produce poor compliance. Symptom recurrence is common following medical treatment. In a follow-up study (Moore et al., 1999) the cumulative recurrence rates for the fifth year after the completion of GnRH agonist treatment were 37 per cent for minimal disease and 74 per cent for severe disease.

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