Sexual Rights

Sexual rights embrace human rights that are already recognised in national laws, international human rights documents and other consensus statements.

They include the right of all persons, free of coercion, discrimination and violence, to:

  • attain the highest accessible standard of sexual health, including access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services;
  • seek, receive and impart information related to sexuality;
  • receive sexuality education;
  • receive respect for bodily integrity;
  • choose their partner;
  • decide to be sexually active or not;
  • practice consensual sexual relations;
  • practice consensual marriage;
  • decide whether or not, and when, to have children; and
  • pursue a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life.

In achieving sexual rights consideration must be given to the responsible exercise of human rights requiring that all persons respect the rights of others (WHO, 2002 internet).

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