Supervised Learning In Practice

There is a requirement from the Department of Health that a period of supervised practice and learning should form part of the preparation to become a nurse prescriber. The Department of Health states that: 'For the nurse/midwife, supervised learning will cover a total of 12 days spread over a 3 month period' (DH, 2004).

There are also a number of requirements of the supervisor:

  • i) The supervisor will be a doctor who has had three years recent experience for a group of patients in a relevant clinical field
  • ii) (a) The doctor will be a General Practitioner with either vocational training or certification from the Joint Committee for Post Graduate Training in General Practice
  • b) A specialist registrar, clinical assistant or consultant within a NHS Trust or other NHS employer
  • iii) The supervisor must have the support of the employing organisation or GP practice to act as the designated medical practitioner who will provide supervision, support and opportunities to develop competence in prescribing practice
  • iv) Has some experience or training in teaching or supervising in practice.
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