Why Has The Person Come For A Checkup

People may come forward for a health screening for a number of reasons. These may include the fact that they have never had a screen and feel it is time that they did; that they have a partner with whom they wish to stop using condoms, so that they have both agreed to undergo screening; that they now have symptoms that they don't usually have, and are therefore worried; that they have had a recent exposure and want peace of mind; or they may be engaging in screening prior to fertility treatment or prior to taking out a mortgage or an insurance policy; or their partner may have been at risk, and they have come in for screening as a contact (Presswell & Barton, 2000).

Your initial questions should identify why the person has come for a check-up. Be aware that there may be a subtext to their visit: careful listening will help you identify if there are other concerns (Law & McCoriston, 1996; Presswell & Barton, 2000). These may include sexual dysfunction: therefore follow up throwaway lines or ambiguity - 'So does this cause impotence?' Your response may be 'Is impotence or problems with having sex worrying you?'

The following is a breakdown of typical questions that are asked (and a brief rationale for the use of them) during a sexual history consultation at Genitourinary Medicine or Sexual Health Clinics in the United Kingdom. It should be remembered that the depth of questioning that follows may not be appropriate for or indeed suitable in a generalist setting owing to constraints of time or the nature of the patient group (Clutterbuck, 2004; Green, 1999; Law & McCoriston, 1996).

You can adapt the questions to fit in with your own situation.

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