Classification of cutaneous lymphomas

Clinical and biological differences between nodal and cutaneous lymphomas have prompted the development of specialized classification schemes. In 1997, a European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Cutaneous Lymphoma Study Group panel proposed a new classification of cutaneous lymphomas based on recognized clinicopatho-logical entities (Table 1.1) [4]. Although this classification is easily assimilated into the widely accepted general lymphoma classification (the World Health Organization—WHO system; Table 1.2), as both are based on clinicopathological entities, some conceptual differences exist [9]. The skin classification is obviously expanded in certain areas to allow a detailed description of individual types of cutaneous lymphoma. At the time of writing, a combined EORTC/WHO classification of skin lymphomas is being prepared.

In the following chapters we describe the clinicopatholog-ical characteristics of lymphomas arising in the skin, with special emphasis on primary cutaneous lymphomas. A guideline for treatment is also included. In addition, a short discussion of the inflammatory diseases that simulate lymphomas (cutaneous pseudolymphomas) is provided.

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