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Hypopigmented mycosis fungoides hyperpigmented mycosis fungoides

Mented patches and plaques (Fig. 2.56). These lesions may be misinterpreted clinically as those of pityriasis versicolor, pityriasis alba or vitiligo. Histology reveals features typical of mycosis fungoides. Hypopigmented mycosis fungoides is observed more frequently in dark-skinned individuals, and is one of the most frequent variants seen in children 84,85 . Repigmentation usually takes place after successful treatment of the lesions. A predominant CD8+ phenotype has been described in patients with hypopigmented mycosis fungoides, possibly underlying some pathogenetic similarities to vitiligo 84 . However, a CD4+ phenotype can also be observed.

Interview And Clinical Examination

Each participant was asked questions about the various symptoms, socioeconomic status, the dietary habits, addiction, past history of major illness, and history of parasitic infestation. A thorough clinical examination of each participant was carried out taking special care to detect skin pigmentation and keratosis, and enlargement of the liver. Specific symptoms like weakness, abdominal pain or nausea (suggesting affection of the alimentary system), tingling and numbness (paresthesia, suggestive of nervous system disorder) were also recorded.

Skin Anomalies Pathological Noninfective

VITILIGO Vitiligo is thought to be an autoimmune disease in which the melanocytes at the border of the dermis and epidermis are destroyed. It tends to occur around orifices, and genital skin involvement sometimes occurs before involvement of other parts of the body. It is characterised by patches of sharply demarcated milk white skin with no signs of texture change.

Data Interpretation

Monoclonal expansion of T-cells may be indicative for antigen-driven process either in blood or in tissue. Since each monoclonal TCR can be molecularly defined (see above), a molecular probe specific for the respective CDR3 region can be designed and the individual T-cell clone can either be traced in different compartments or longitudinally over time in a patient. This methodology has been used to tag clonal T-cell populations in autoimmune myositis (25), or in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) suggesting that expansion of certain TCR VB families may be associated with disease onset or progression (26, 27). Similarly, if a monoclonal T-cell response can be linked to MHC peptide recognition, it allows to visualize monoclonal TCRs with defined specificity in situ, e.g. in a patient with melanoma responding to peptide vaccination An TCR VB16+ Melan-A MART-1 reactive T-cell clone could be demonstrated in a vitiligo lesion associated with destruction of melanin-positive cells (i.e....

Plane of Undermining and Incision Lines

Surgical Scar Healing Stages

The line of cutting describes a pattern of multiple waves, while the excision line is simply curved to end up with a congruence of the sutured edges (Fig. 44.14). The prehairline incision is situated on a transition zone of skin pigmentation, comparable to the peri-areolar incision in breast surgery (Fig. 44.15a). Fig. 44.15. a The prehairline incision is situated on a transition zone of skin pigmentation, comparable to the periareolar incision in breast surgery. b Prehairline incision after 1 year Fig. 44.15. a The prehairline incision is situated on a transition zone of skin pigmentation, comparable to the periareolar incision in breast surgery. b Prehairline incision after 1 year

Other cutaneous pseudolymphomas

Hemangioma Scalp Infant Histology

Previous paragraphs, the occurrence of other skin conditions simulating clinically and or histopathologically cutaneous lymphomas has been reported sporadically. Cases of inflammatory lesions of vitiligo and of eruption of lymphocyte recovery with histopathological features mimicking those of mycosis fungoides have been observed 99,100 . A condition termed 'annular lichenoid dermatitis of youth' has been reported recently as a simulator of mycosis fungoides, but it may in truth represent a variant of this disease in children 101 . Besides the entities listed in the paragraph on CD30+ cutaneous pseudolymphomas (see p. 163), we have rarely observed the presence of dense lymphoid infiltrates with scattered CD30+ cells in skin lesions of mycotic infections. True B-cell pseudolymphomas have been observed at the site of previous herpes zoster eruptions 102 . However, it must be stressed that only a few cases of clear-cut pseudolymphoma have been documented in association with herpes zoster...

Medical History and Physical Examination in Patients With Possible Androgen Excess

Polycystic Appearing Ovaries

The timing and pace of pubertal development and its relation to complaints of unwanted hair growth, hair loss, acne, and or obesity should be established. The onset and progression of these complaints should also be established. Drug or medication use and exposure or use of skin irritants should be elicited. A detailed menstrual history should be obtained, with an emphasis on determining whether evidence of ovulatory function (e.g., premenstrual molimina) is present. Change in skin pigmentation or texture, extremity or head size, and changes in facial contour should be noted. A detailed family history of endocrine, reproductive, or metabolic disorders should be obtained. A family history of similar hyperandrogenic signs and symptoms is a powerful clue to the inherited basis of the disorder, although a familial association can be noted for PCOS, HAIR-AN syndrome, NCAH, and IH patients. Clinicians should note that the etiology of hirsutism can often be suspected from the history alone....

Background 21 Cosmetic Procedures

Laser and light-assisted hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Selective absorption by hair chromophores of energy from lasers and broadband light sources may result in destruction of hair follicles while leaving the skin undamaged, although there are significant differences according to the specific characteristics of the patients and techniques used (8). In general, laser therapy is more effective in women with darker hair and lighter skin. Efficacy is lower and complications are more common in women with darker skin. Transient erythema and edema are common after laser therapy, and blistering, crusting, or alterations in skin pigmentation may also occur.

Syndromic lipodystrophies

Of bone in the mandible, clavicles, and terminal phalanges (acro-osteolysis) in addition to AT loss, suggesting a common genetic or metabolic defect affecting both the skeleton and AT (43). In addition, these patients also have short stature, delayed closure of cranial sutures, joint contractures, mottled skin pigmentation, and, more important, features of premature aging.


The role of ADARs in non-physiological settings, of both individual and combined ADAR deficiency, has not been significantly explored. Studies in humans have yielded interesting associations of human traits with modifications of ADAR family members. Recent studies from human cancer suggest roles for ADAR proteins in both solid and hematological tumors (Ma et al. 2011 Maas et al. 2001). Observations of altered editing activity in tumors, both increased and decreased, highlight a potentially fascinating role for these enzymes in the diversification of the tumor proteome and regulation of tumor transcription through effects on miRNA pathways (Shah et al. 2009). Ongoing improvements in the modeling of human cancer in the mouse and siRNA shRNA technologies lend themselves to a functional assessment of the contribution of ADARs to cancer pathogenesis. Genetic association studies of human centenarians have identified variations in ADAR2 that are associated with longevity (Sebastiani et al....