Cornea iris and trabecular meshwork [glaucoma

Figure 2.51. When the structures of the anterior segment are subdivided according to their embryonic layer of origin, various patterns emerge. In this figure, the neuroectoderm, consisting of the anterior rim of optic cup, iris pigment epithelium and pupillary musculature is shown in red; the 1st neural crest mesenchymal wave (corneal endothelium and trabecular meshwork) is shown in black; the 2nd neural crest mesenchymal wave (corneal stroma) is shown in yellow; and the 3rd neural crest mesenchymal wave (iris stroma) is shown in green.


Figure 2.52. Peters anomaly is shown in this figure. Corneal clouding is marked because corneal endothelium is abnormal, and glaucoma is common because the trabecular meshwork may be altered. This photograph demonstrates severe corneal clouding which would justify a penetrating corneal transplant in at least one eye of a bilaterally affected infant even though the prognosis for a successful corneal transplant in infants is poor.

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