Broadspectrum versus HIVspecific

While the major focus of microbicide development has been HIV since HIV/AIDS is a lethal and incurable disease, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also significant causes of morbidity and mortality [22]. In fact, the spread of these diseases are also facilitated by the same factors driving the worldwide spread of HIV - such as lack of woman-controlled prevention methods and a lack of widespread use of condoms. Non-HIV STIs include curable infections such as trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chancroid, as well as non-curable infections caused by Herpes virus and human papillomavirus [22]. Since STIs are important co-factors for HIV transmission, candidate microbicides have been developed with overlapping mechanisms of action and potential activity against other sexually transmitted pathogens. Overall, women at risk for HIV

infection are generally concerned about acquiring other STIs and have a high interest in broad-spectrum microbicides [23].

Advanced Acne Elimination

Advanced Acne Elimination

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