New Biology And Pharmacology Of The Leukotriene Pathway

The LTs are generated by the initial conversion of AA to LTA4 by 5-LO and FLAP which is further converted by LTA4 hydrolase to LTB4 or by LTC4 synthase to yield the cysteinyl-LTs, LTC4, LTD4 and LTE4. Receptors for LTB4 (BLT1) and LTD4 (cystLT1) have been previously described [26,27]. Mice deficient in BLT1 have been generated and the use of these mice in models of allergic pulmonary inflammation has demonstrated the role of this receptor in T cell recruitment [28]. Recent developments in the molecular biology of the pathway include the cloning of a second low affinity form of the LTB4 receptor (BLT2) and of a second cysLT receptor (cysLT2), both of which have distinctive agonist and antagonist binding properties and patterns of tissue expression compared the previously identified receptors [29].

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