Expected Results

Positive: Bright red color indicative of mixed add fermentation (Figure 13-24, A).

Wealdy positive: Red-orange color.

Negative: Yellow color (Figure 13-24, B).

? VP (Voges-Proskauer) test (Barritt's

figure 13-24 Methyl Red/Voges-Proskauer (MRVP) tests. A, Positive methyl red. B, Negative methyl red. C, Positive Voges-Proskauer. D, Negative Voges-Proskauer.
  1. for gram-negative rods
  2. Add 0.6 mL (6 drops) of solution A (a-naphthol) and 0.2 mL (2 drops) of solution B (KOH) to 1 mL of MRVP broth.
  3. Shake well after addition of each reagent.
  4. Observe for 5 minutes.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

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