Primary Purpose

Bile esculln agar (BEA)

Nutrient agar base with ferric citrate. Hydrolysis of esculln by group D streptococci imparts a brown color to medium; sodium desoxychoiate inhibits many bacteria

Differential isolation and presumptive identification of group D streptococci and enterococci

Bile escuDnazlde agar with vancomycin

: ■

Contains azid' to inhibit gram-negative bacteria, vancomycin to select for resistant gram-positive bad i and bile esculin to differentiate enterococci bom other vancomyclrwesistant bacteria that may grow

Selective and differential for cultivation of vancomycin-resistant enterococci from clinical and surveillance specimens

Blood a£". i i

thai: Soy' agar, Br-iella agar, or beef heart fusion rith5%sheerer!

!ultlvat!on of fastidious mlcrrttrgan^ms, determination of hemolytic e ;tloiis

Bordet-Gengou agar

Potato-glyceral-based medium enriched with 1594-20% defibrinated blood. Contaminants inhibited by methiclllin (final concentration of 2.5 |im/mL)

Isolation of Bordetella pertussis

Buffered charcoal-yeast 1 extract agar (BCYE)

Yeast extract, agar, charcoal, and salts supplemented with l-cystefne HO, ferric pyrophosphate, ACES buffer, and a-ketoglutarate

Enrichment for Legionella spp.

Buffered i'iarcoal-ye?0l attract (twYE)S5ar::'i i Ibtotli

Gi E supplement-f 'wi ' lymyxiii vancomycin, 'and ansamycin, to inhibit gram-negative bacteria,. gram-positive bacteria, and yeast respectively

Erni-hment and selection % Legionella spp,

Campy-blood agar

Contains vancomycin (10 mg/L), trimethoprim (5 mg/L), polpbdn B (2500 U/L), amphotericin B (2 mg/L), ar itothin (15 mg/L) ir Brucella agar base withs blooc

Selective for Campylobacters??.

tiiioglycolla broth

J lio; < [?tj or:' supplements rith increased agar concemration and antibiotic;

Selective holding medium tor recovery of Campylobacters^.

Cefoperazone, vancomycin, amphotericin (CVA) medlun

Blood-supplemented enrichment medium containing cefoperazone, vancomycin, and amphotericin to Irliibt growth of most gram-negative bacteria, ; Tini'Dos% lacteria, and yeast, re^ectiveiy

Selective medium for isolation of - lypylebati-: .- \

" .i ■ f ■ 'r - ■ . ■ -

in- irgasan-novoblocin (CIN) agar

Peptone base wIDi yeast extract, mannitol, and bile salts. Supplemented with cefeulodin, irgasan, and novobiocin; neutral red and crystal violet indicators

Selective for Yersinia spp.; may be useful for Isolation of Aeromonas spp.


Peptone base, enriched with solution of 2% hemoglobin or IsoVitaleX (BBL)

Cultivation of Haemophilus spp. and pathogenic Neisseria spp.

olistfr alkfixic 1 acid (CNA) agar -

Columbia agar base with 10 mg colistin per liter, 15 mg nalidixic acid pr-iter, arid 5i .«ep blood

Selective isolation of gram-positive cocci

Cystine-tellurite blood agar

Infusion agar base with 5% sheep blood. Reduction of potassium tellurite by Corynebacterium diphtherias produces blade colonies

Isolation of C. diphtheriae

, Eosin methylene blue (EMB) a; rfliroinS)

Peptone base with lactose and sucrose. Eosin and methylene blue as indicators'

Isolation and differentiation of lactose-fermenting and non-iactose-tormenting enteric bacilli

' Gram-negative broth (GN)

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Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

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