' A modification of MacConkey agarln which lactose has bee. e ¡laced with d-sorbltol as the primary carbohydrate r

For the selection and differentiation of £ co//0157:H7 in stool> . dolmens ■ 1

Table 7-1 Plating Media for Routine Bacteriology—cont'd



Primary Purpose

Mannitoi salt agar

Peptone base, mannitoi, and phenol red indicator. Salt concentration of 7.5% inhibits most bacteria

Selective isolation of staphylococci

New York City (NYC) agar

I f

Peptone agar base with cornstarch, supplemented with yeast dialysate, 3% hemoglobin, and horse plasma. Antibiotic supplement includes vancomycin (2 ng/mL), colistin (5.5 |ig/mL), amphotericin B (1.2 ng/mL), and trimethoprim (3 ng/mL)

Selective for Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Phanylethyl alcohol (PEA) agar

111 •

Nutrient agar base. Phenylethanol inhibits growth of gram-negative organisms

Selective isolation of gram-positive cocci and anaerobic gram-negative bacilli

Regan Lowe

Charcoal agar supplemented with horse blood, cephalexin, and amphotericin B

Enrichment and selective medium for isolation of Bordetella pertussis

Salijioaella-Shigetla (SS) agar

Peptone base with lactose, ferric citrate, and sodium citrate. Neutral red as indicator; inhibition of colifbmis by brilliant green and bile salts

Selective for Salmonella and Shigella spp.


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Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

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