Part Viii

Clinical Laboratory Management

Chapter 62 Laboratory Physical Design,

Management, and Organization, 915

Space Requirements and Organization of Work Flow, 915 Regulation of the Microbiology Laboratory, 918

Selection of Diagnostic Tests, 921 Cost Accounting, 924 Budgeting, 926 Inventory Control, 926 Interviewing and Hiring Employees, 927

Organization of the Microbiology Laboratory, 928

Design of Laboratory Handbook for Clinical Staff, 929 Design of Laboratory Requisition Form, 929

Design of Laboratory Workcard, 930 Design of Laboratory Report Form, 930

Writing a Procedure Manual, 930 Production of Statistical Reports, 932

Chapter 63 Quality in the Clinical

Microbiology Laboratory, 934

QC Program, 934 Specimen Collection and Transport, 934

Standard Operating Procedure Manual (SOPM), 935 Personnel, 935 Reference Laboratories, 935 Patient Reports, 935 Proficiency Testing (PT), 935 Performance Checks, 938 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests, 938

Maintenance of QC. Records, 939

Maintenance of Reference QC Stocks, 939 QA Program, 940 Q-Probes, 940 In-House QA Audits, 940 Conducting a QA Audit, 943 Continuous Daily Monitoring, 943

Chapter 64 Infection Controls 945 Chapter 65

Incidence of Nosocomial Infections, 945 Types of Nosocomial Infections, 945

Emergence of Antibiotic-Resistant Microorganisms, 946 Hospital Infection Control Programs, 947 Role of the Microbiology Laboratory, 947

Characterizing Strains Involved in an Outbreak, 948 Preventing Nosocomial Infections, 948 Surveillance Cultures, 950

Sentinel Laboratory Response to Bioterrorism, 953

General Considerations, 953 Government Laws and Regulations, 953 Laboratory Response Network, 954

Appendix: Answers to Case Studies, 958

Glossary, 973

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