Spectrum Of Disease

Despite the different modes of transmission, the clinical* manifestations of S. moniliformis infection are similar When S. moniliformis is acquired by ingestion, the disease, is called Haverhill fever.

Patients with rat-bite, or Haverhill, fever develop acute onset of chills, fever, headache, vomiting, a often, severe joint pains. Febrile episodes may persist fo? weeks or months.5 Within the first few days of illnessj patients develop a rash on the palms, soles of the feel* and other extremities. Complications can occur and! include endocarditis, septic arthritis, pneumonia, peril carditis, brain abscess, amnionitis, prostatitis, and pancreatitis.6,8

Natural Arthritis Pain Remedies

Natural Arthritis Pain Remedies

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