Selection of Cases

The study group consisted of all patients who met the criteria for ARVC/D established by the World Health Organization and the World Heart Federation (WHF) [2]. Most of these patients were referred from cardiology centers to La Salpetriere Institute of Cardiology, Paris, France, for the treatment of VT resistant to antiarrhythmic drugs or because they were receiving frequent appropriate shocks from their im-plantable defibrillator, or because of failed RF ablations. Prior to their inclusion, all patients were reeval-uated with our pharmacologic protocols, including amiodarone alone or in combination with beta-blocking agents [3]. Only those patients, who could not be adequately controlled by antiarrhythmic drugs, as assessed by Holter monitoring, exercise stress testing, and/or programmed pacing, were treated by ablation. There was no exclusion due to age, clinical condition, or other factors.

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