Turkey hemorrhagic enteritis virus HEV TAdV3 Synonym for turkey adenovirus

turkey hepatitis virus (THV) A possible species in the genus Enterovirus. Infectious only for turkeys. Multiplies in fowl embryos.

Klein PN et al (1991) Avian Dis 35, 115 McFerran JB (1993) In Virus Infections of Birds, edited by JB McFerran and MS McNulty. Amsterdam: Elsevier, p. 515

turkey herpesvirus 1 Synonym for Meleagrid herpesvirus 1.

turkey meningoencephalitis virus A possible species in the genus Flavivirus. Caused a progressive and fatal paralysis with enteritis of turkeys in Israel. Virus replicates in chick embryo cell cultures with CPE, and in eggs killing the embryo. Virus attenuated by egg passage can be used as a vaccine. Injected i.c. in mice causes encephalitis. Chicks and other birds are resistant.

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